What was Malaclypse waiting for?

Darwin developed the evolutionary theory.

Mr Takahashi gave us some homework.

He acted fairly towards me.

You can reach the village by bus.

At present a very great number of people are seeking to participate and, depending on circumstances, up to a month ahead is fully booked.

Do you think it's impossible to finish this by five o'clock?

Which language are you learning?

I dare not probe too deeply, lest I uncover the awful truth!

He insists on going to the park with his father.


I hope you will be killed before long.


I have wishes.

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Don't look down on the poor.


Our policies and systems are getting outdated and need revising, but to try to swap horses while crossing a stream might be dangerous.

Emil won't find out.

A real man makes his own luck.


I wanted to hear from her.

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There's a hosepipe ban this summer.


I could have sworn that I saw Julian downtown today.

My brother pretended to be working very hard.

And that's when he kissed her.

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The sun had already set when he got home.

I'll bet Chip will know what to do.

I have a toaster.

The tall man laughed obnoxiously.

Your hair smells like spring.


The couple has a business of selling greeting cards.


I hope my directions were clear.

Toerless took Siegurd to a beachfront restaurant for dinner.

Our teacher called the roll at the beginning of the class.

He who does not know how to remain silent, does not know how to speak either.

He worked hard none the worse for the accident.


What are you doing here so late?

The discovery of truth should remain the single aim of science.

At times, a small gift can serve as a testament of a great love.

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He's brutal.

Supplies of food were low and we had to ration out the little that was left.

I'll ask her to join you.

Blair will obey.

Jayant helped Jayesh get into her wheelchair.

Tell me the rest.

There are people who don't know yet that transgender exist.

I feel quite refreshed after taking a bath.

One cannot make dogs out of cats.


Please have a look at this book.


After he had finished his work, he would read and study by the fireside.

The man robbed me of my bag.

I don't want her to give up.

May I borrow your pencil?

They're not farmers.


Get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay.


I don't like having my picture taken.

Good-bye, Sayoko!

I am very sad that he has died.

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I am a journalist of the highest standards and integrity. I hate dishonesty.

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with Matt.

Have you seen this man?


I hope Maria writes soon.

We got drunker than ever last night and I woke up in the middle of nowhere this morning.

I hope we find them.

The learned are apt to despise the ignorant.

The Russian Ballet was surreal!

Raindrops are hitting the glass.

I don't want you knocking on my door at two in the morning.

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How do you know that Phillip doesn't like Case?

I've never used one of these before.

I don't like to read Freud.

The next discussion concerns the transplantation of prenatal tissues.

Is there another way in?

He's a sex worker.

Mike missed his stop.

I see you've found what you were looking for.

I quit right then and there.

Paul's room is horribly messy and you can't even put your foot anywhere.

Srikanth took off all his clothes.


The colony was not adequately supported and quickly fell prey to armed incursions, ending the empire's colonial endeavors in that region.


I don't like Gerard that much.


I want you to be an Einstein.

They are making tea.

Fill this out, please.

Teresa was a majorette.

He went down the hill.

We stayed in Boston three nights.

I love books.

Do you know how much profit we made?

I had the gardener plant some trees.

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Carsten is still living on Park Street, isn't he?

Sweat is dripping from his face.

The new album's ready?

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We were both drunk.


You should have seen it.

The following is my actual address.

Elaine wanted me out of the house, so I left.

You're both pretty.

Leigh got angry when he saw Bud kissing John.

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People obviously like it.

You're only three years older than me.

Francisco didn't tell me how to do it.

I cannot leave. It's too early.

Kanthan got here early this morning.

I have a sore throat and a slight fever.

What's your favorite convenience store chain?


Let's just say yes.

Is it true that you boiled water in a paper bag?

There's only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.

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Humans are the only animals that laugh.

She surprised me.

Is Van sick?

We have our lives to live.

He helped me fix my watch.

I'm not very good at singing.

You need to work fast.

You get on the JR Chuo Line.

I need to talk to Hilda first.

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Moore said that he had nothing to hide.

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Hartmann took some change out of his pocket and gave it to the man.

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Today it's snowing heavily in my city.

Just stand there.

He likes adventure.

I know you're not going to come to my party, but I wish you were.

Sunil has never met a Canadian he didn't like.


There is a rumor that he has resigned.

Did you go to see a doctor?

Teriann isn't speaking.


You're not limping anymore.

The work can't be done at a moment's notice.

How long it is!


I stuck one.

Cats are cute.

I need to see Kevyn now.

I invited twelve people to my party, but one of them couldn't come.

I can't fit into those clothes anymore.

I didn't chicken out.

I'd like to meet her.

Clare has dabbled in the dark arts.

She cried bitterly at a press interview.

I don't want to be here when Anatole wakes up.

People are funny.

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Ilya didn't want to continue the conversation.


Quick judgements are dangerous.


He responded kindly to the question.

The money was stolen along with the bonds.

Metin's mother had misgivings about Panacea marrying Jagath.

I think it is necessary for us to go there.

Have you ever thought about the connection between the breath, the mind, and the body?

What's that red stuff?

Should I drink dandelion coffee while I'm pregnant?

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How do you feel about opera?

I found your gloves in my car.

Eat whatever food you like.


The roofs were covered with snow.


Do you have a room that's a little cheaper?

Practice safe text, use commas and never miss a period.

"Are you students?" "Yes, we are."


What are you all standing around for?

What he said is of no importance.

There is an old house on this street.

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I'm not going to go to school today.